Future Landscapes


Rain and cloudy weather

When I was about 12 years old, I was walking home from school in Edmonton with my best friend Trienna. I had my nose buried in a book while walking, when I heard someone call my name. I looked up and saw my mom, and a yellow lab puppy running awkwardly towards me on his huge, out of proportion paws. He was my puppy, my Marlowe dog.

Marlowe was supposed to be 'temporary.' Dad wasn't very happy about having a dog in the house, especially since my mom had got him seemingly on a whim. She was actually helping her friend Debby find a new dog at the SPCA when she saw Marlowe. He was the only dog who wasn't crying and barking. He was a purebred 4 month old lab, and had been there his allotted amount of time... if someone didn't take him by the next day, he would have to be put down.
My mom decided to take him home, where my dad agreed he could stay for 6 weeks. During that time we found out that we were moving up north to Fort McMurray, and I think as a way to sort of make us feel better, dad let us keep Marlowe.
Even though my mom brought him home, Marlowe was always 'my' dog. When I left for university, I took Marlowe with me. When I moved around Alberta in between school and jobs, I brought Marlowe with me. It wasn't until I moved to Halifax in 2007 that Marlowe went to live with my mom again.
Today my mom phoned to let me know that Marlowe had to be put down. He had been getting weaker over the last few months, and finally his back leg muscles just seemed to give out. He couldn't move or eat or go to the bathroom. There wasn't really anything else to be done.
My dog has been such a part of my life... So much a part of my growing up that I can't really picture a time when he hasn't been there. For so long my whole schedule revolved not so much on jobs or school, but on making sure that Marlowe got his walks in and had someone to feed him. Even though it wasn't easy on some mornings, I would give anything to have Marlowe making pitiful whiny sounds telling me that he wants to go for a walk again.