Future Landscapes


Dear Danish Grocery Stores.


Stop barraging my mailbox with your pretend-deals. Every Thursday I get minimum 20 flyers from Netto, Kwikly, SuperBrugsen, Fotex, Irma, Aldi, SuperBest, and Fakta.
The sad truth is, you are all manifestations of the same two evil monopolies that ensure I can't buy bread for less than 20dkk. You switch your 'deals' around every few weeks to make it look like there is some kind of competition going on. But every foreigner knows you have your hands in the government's pocket.
Besides, the pure volume of paper shoved through my mail slot is proof that you really don't give a crap about wasting paper.
You make me angry. I would almost rather shop at Albert Heijn in the Netherlands for the rest of my life  than go to another Netto, where it looks like you've hired the kind of people who need to go on Clean Sweep due to their non-existent organization skills.