Internet in Canada: The scammiest scam of all scams.


When we moved into our sublet on Oderberger Strasse in Berlin, the apartment had no internet. 

We went to an O2 store (one of many wireless/cell providers) and in less than 10 minutes had an agreement for home internet. 

Here's what was included: 

- 25 euro activation fee, which was zeroed out by a 25 euro first-time user credit.

**Note, such credits are common, because there are like 15 providers you can choose from, and so they are *gasp* COMPETING for your patronization.

- free modem rental; modem to be returned at end of service. Modem delivered free of charge to doorstep and picked up free of charge upon end of service. 

- 30 day free cancellation

- 14.99/month for the first 3 months, after that, 24.99/month. 

= 119.94 euros ($161) over 6 months

When we left, we gave due notice, they sent a box and we packed up the modem and sent it back to them. No shipping fee, no cancellation fees.


Call teksavvy - supposedly the cheapest internet provider in Toronto - because they don't have real store locations. Hold on phone line for 35 minutes. 

Want to set up internet?  Get ready to pony up some dough.

- $50 activation fee

- $130 buyout of a cable modem with wireless capability (or choose from 6 approved DOCSIS 3 modems that all cost between $80 - 130) 

- $9.10/month dry loop fee

- $39.99/month DSL fee

- +tax

- $50 move fee when we leave this sublet



$346.41 over 3 months

And you know what is ironic about this? North America is supposed to be more 'capitalist' than Europe.