Eating & Drinking, Montreal, Finding Work

We're back.

Welcome to Canada's first and possibly only blog that combines architecture, design, travel, and general life awesomeness. 

No hockey, children, repins from pinterest, or recipes in sight. You're welcome. I was gonna add an f-bomb in there but my mom reads my blog. I'm here to prove that Canada might be cool, probably against its own will.

Our job search has been relatively relaxed here. Montreal is great but we're both holding out for a city where we can work in English. Our next destination is Toronto, where I'll be distributing these beauties:

I got my first rejection this week. Unfortunately it was one of my top choices - Claude Cormier. I knew it was a long shot but he's essentially the only office in Montreal (okay, there are a few others) doing precisely what I want to do: a mixture of public space installations, landscape urbanism & urban design. Claude Cormier, if you ever read this.... HIRE ME. You won't regret it!


So I actually got an email and had a phone interview with Claude Cormier this week. They asked me to come to Montreal for a studio visit. Apparently they really DID keep my portfolio on file (and I thought that was just a line!) and contacted me as soon as an opening came up. I was really torn - since I've just gotten a full time contract at Public Work and Jed's found work at MJMA, I feel like now is not the time to go back to Montreal... But I was sorely, sorely tempted. Claude Cormier, if you read this again, I'M STILL A FAN!

/end update

What's not cool? 35cm of snow on the first day of spring. Hardcore. Get your act together, Spring.

Snowpiles taller than Jed. Impressive, but not impressed.

Patati-Patata: Tasty sauce, perfect fries, AND grilled cheese? AND Orange Crush?? I died.

We're not from Montreal but visit regularly enough to have eaten at some great places. Here's where you should go if you ever happen to visit:

Breakfast: L'Anecdote, Quoi de n'oeuf, Chez JoseToi Moi & Cafe

Poutine and/or Hot Dog Poutine: Green Spot, Patati Patata, Just about anywhere on the Plateau

Fish and Chips... and poutine: Comptoir 21

A Montreal favorite (i.e. Poutine): La Banquise

Sandwiches & Salads: Olive & Gourmando 

Supper: La Fabrique, Tuck Shop, Jane, Limon

Jed took me to Tuck Shop for my birthday dinner a few nights ago, and I can truthfully say I've never tasted better crispy pork belly in my entire life. I can still taste the mushroom sauce and crisp, savory  porky goodness. GODDAMN YOU PIGS, WHY MUST YOU TASTE SO GOOD? If I could choose one thing to eat every day for the rest of my life, I think I would choose that. The fact that they had Pimm's cocktails also made my night! We finished up with a shared jar of s'mores - amazing.