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Thanksgiving, High Park, & Rattlesnake Point

I am always amazed how brightly the leaves glow in the autumn sun.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been a wonderful long weekend. I got off work early on Friday and went for a long walk in High Park, where the autumn colors have started showing. The weather here has been spectacular lately - reaching into the 20's with sunshine every day. It feels warmer and sunnier than the summer did, and it reminds me yet again why October is my ABSOLUTE favorite month. 

A little later on Friday night Lauren came over for supper and we made Cauliflower soup and Pumpkin Pie, which, you basically can't ask for a more harvest/autumn oriented meal.

Golden light and bright, fluorescent greens make me full of happy.

On Saturday it was much the same, with golden bright sunshine. I took the opportunity to prime and paint two very large IKEA LACK shelves we found on someone's trash heap a few weeks back; maybe not coincidentally I chose a bright yellow called 'Brilliance.' Perhaps I was inspired by these beauties, which someone left on my kitchen table as a surprise :)

Sunshiney Sunflowers!

Sunshiney Sunflowers!

Today we got the chance to go out to Milton with some work friends who also climb. The day couldn't have been more perfect; sunny skies with bright autumn leaves and warm sun. We got to Rattlesnake Point (hopefully not named for actual rattlesnakes....) mid-morning and there began my first ever outdoor climbing session. I thought after Joe set up the first top-rope anchor that we'd all have to rappel down the cliff but actually there were stairs. Which is good, because it's one thing to climb slowly up a cliff and then be let down; it's quite another to just fly out backwards down a 50-foot drop.

Prepare yourselves for full autumn GLORIOUSNESS!! 

View over Southern Ontario from Rattlesnake Point 

On top of all that, I managed to paint some new watercolors and have almost finished my latest book - 'Birds without Wings' ...AND, I didn't finish watching two movies: The Hunt (couldn't handle the Danishness) and "Much Ado About Nothing" (fell asleep). That is one fulfilling weekend :)