Future Landscapes


Design Exercises 2007-2009


THE ROOM is the central focus of the built environment.

This room is a space that imitates the shade and shadow of a forest. It is a path through different light conditions. Controllable openings allow for more / less light, and the sequence of movement raises the user to the height of the canopy.

THE CUBE is an exercise in design and representation; imagining a space, building a model of that space, and then using conventional hand-drafting to produce plans, sections, and axonometrics of how the model comes together.

This space presents two opposing conditions of enclosure and openness on either side of a central plane.

THE SPHERE is an exercise in the relationship between an object and its container. The sphere is shaped from plaster and its container designed as a reflection of the process of making the sphere.

This container suspends the sphere in space with equal tension from all angles.